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Here is a guide to your unit sizing needs:

5×5 unit – linen closet (can fit clothes, personal items)

5×10 unit – closet (can fit small boxes, small furniture)

6×10 unit – large walk-in closet (1 bedroom home)

10×10 unit – small bedroom (2 bedroom home)

10×20 unit – single car garage (3 bedroom home)

10×30 unit – 1/2 size bigger than single car garage (4+ bedroom home)

10×40 unit – double car garage (4+ bedroom home)


Click reserve a unit on our homepage or visit

Yes! You can pay your rent online through our website every month.

All of our facilities are surrounded by a secure fence and monitored with security cameras.  Each tenant is given a unique access code for the gate.  All climate-controlled buildings also require an access code to enter the building.

Yes, you have access 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

You can call the facility manager or stop by the office and let the manager know when you are ready to cancel.